Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FriXion by Pilot Pen

FriXion is the newest innovation from pilot, the #1 seller of gel ink pens In America.

 FriXion by Pilot Pen :
$4.50 for A 4-pack
$11.00 for 8-pack

Colors Available:
Black , Blue, Red, Lime Green, Purple, Pink, Orange and Brown

Write, Erase, Rewrite! FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen contains a thermo-sensitive gel ink formula which disappears with erasing friction. This means no wear or tear to the writing surface!

FriXion by Pilot Pens aren't like any other erasable pens, their gel pens and they don't actually have an eraser. No eraser? is what you might be thinking, but its true. Instead of an eraser these pens have a rubber tip. The friction from the rubber tip is what actually erases the ink for you. For me being a gel pen and not having an traditional eraser are major pluses for me. Before trying these pens I didn't like erasable pens because they left smudges and eraser pieces everywhere. I love the fluidity of gel pens and the ability to erase the ink if I made a mistake. In my opinion this is the best erasable pen that your going to find.

Now you get creative with a gel pen!
And really erase the mistakes

 Check out FriXion by Pilot Pens

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