Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UNREAL™ Candy Review

I recently joined a BzzCampaign for UNREAL candy, candy Unjunked. I recieved a coupon for a free candy and also 5 BOGO coupons to give away.  I went to my local Walgreens and picked up one of each candy. I must say that I am loving the packaging, its so eye catching.
I went into the whole tasting experience keeping in mind that these are not the ordinary run of the mill candies that I was used to. I had to remember that these candies didn't have any of the corn syrup, artificial ingredients, or hydrogenated oils that candies usually have. 
When I got home I opened them all up so that I could cut them so that everyone could taste them and they look really similar to some of the well know candy brands. I let everyone taste the candies, and everyone loved them ranging in age from 50 to 4 years old. The 4 year old didn't even pay any attention to the colors of Unreal 41 he kept calling them M&M's and he kept eating. My personal Favorite is the UNREAL 5 because it tastes like Russell Stover caramel nougat(I'm in Love!). Hopefully in the future they will expand there candy selection, and if they do I'll be there to try it! 
UNREAL 8 - Looks like a Snickers bar and tastes very similar without being cloyingly sweet.
UNREAL 41 - Looks like Plain M&M's but in natural colors but taste the same without being so sweet.
UNREAL 77 - Looks like a Reeses Cup but the taste is totally different it tastes more natural almost gourmet.
UNREAL 54 -  Looks like Peanut M&M's but in natural colors but taste the same without being so sweet.
UNREAL 5 - Looks like a MilkyWay but taste more a Russell Stover caramel nougat❤❤.
In my opinion these candies are delicious and I would definitely buy them again in the fun-size bag.
People always say get real but I say why not Get UNREAL?

I am a BzzAgent and received these products(and coupons) from BzzAgent.com for review at no cost to me. I receive no monetary compensation for my open and unbiased review. The purpose of BzzAgent is to generate word of mouth sharing of information about the products offered by both familiar and unfamiliar companies.


  1. I looooved the peanut butter cup and the m&m type things! I was dying to try the "milky way" one, but my store was out :(

  2. That's unfortunate because to me that was the best one out of all of them. UNREAL has a good thing going hopefully they add to their selection.

  3. That looks sooo yummy!! lol I found you through the blog hop, would you mind visiting my blog?
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